Taxidermia 67, César Delgado 2009


Taxidermia 67, 2009
Acrylic on canvas

César Delgado: Madrid, 1961. Spanish painter.
In 1989, he obtained the Artist Scholarship in La Romana Residence, Dominican Republic, and in 1992, the Painting Scholarship of Mojácar City Council, Almería. He received, in 1990, the Acquisition Prize in the VII Salon of Plastic Arts of Alcobendas, Madrid, and in 1994, the Acquisition Prize in the National Contest of Painting City of Alcorcón. His work, heir to the Spanish informalist tradition, and close to the postulates of Luis Gordillo, is distinguished by the redundant use of two compositional keys: repetition, and superposition. Isolating the gesture and defining the articulation of the pictorial planes, Benítez achieves an appearance of coldness close to the lithographic processes, from the density in the application of the pigment, and the organic suggestion of the forms. Their individual exhibitions stand out in the MW Gallery, Madrid (1994), and Valle Quintana Gallery, Madrid (1998).


Measures: 150 x 180 cm (59 x 703⁄4″).

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