Poster made by Picasso France 1959

Poster made by Picasso France 1959 begging for the amnesty of political prisoners by the Franco regime. Francia 1959.
Pablo Picasso: Born in Malaga, he painted his first painting at the age of 8: “El picador amarillo”. He soon showed an impressive ability for his age, he was able to paint a large number of figures adhering naturally to the more conservative norms of academic composition. Picasso’s style can not be framed in a finite list, since not only was it a great contribution to the main European modernist movements, but certain aspects are attributed only to him (eg: protocubism, blue period and the minotaur). The success of Picasso is a melting pot of many factors: his genius, the schools where he studied (Barcelona and Paris mainly), his interest in the social, his friendship with artists and dealers, his prolific production of pictures, the innovative mentality and his leadership . Although at the end of his career he tended to paint more and more simple figures, bordering on the abstract, his authority as an artist was unquestionable, especially for his baggage in works of great importance. Picasso earned the right to break the rules, as he managed to master them perfectly.
Measures: 97 x 184 cm.

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