Paula Anta “Daegu 03” Serie Paraísos Artificiales 2008

Photo by Paula Anta “Daegu 03” from the series “Paraísos Artificiales”. 2008.

Artificial Paradises pretends to be an own and very concrete paradise, in a very specific place. Paradise is a “fence” created by men. It is a place of perfection in nature, of reconciliation with our origin, of serenity towards the near. The paradises are there, they wait for us, we win them at times, they expel us from them to recriminate (ourselves) with their existence. Artificial Paradises is made in the three most important cities of South Korea: Seoul, Busan and Daegu.
Paula Anta Born in Madrid in 1977, she graduated and received his doctorate in Fine Arts with international mention, from the Complutense University of Madrid.2 She completed professional piano studies (professional title plan 66). Her academic and research training has been developed, in addition to Spain, in Frankfurt (artistic creation scholarship Atelierfrankfurt) and Cologne (Germany), College of Spain in Paris (France) 3 4 and Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Italy) .It is worth highlighting the Atelierfrankfurt artistic creation scholarship (Germany). He has also carried out projects in Senegal, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, as well as in India and South Korea or in Latin American countries such as Peru (Pillpa Photo Project 10 ), Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela, where some of their series have emerged.

Measures: 188 x 158 cm

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