Alejandro Mieres, Serie Haikus 1975


Title: ”S/T” Serie Haikus  – 1975
Technique: Watercolor on paper

Alejandro Mieres – Astudillo, Palencia 1927 was born in Astudillo, Palencia, 1927 and died in Gijón, Asturias during 2018. Outstanding representative of normative art, Alejandro Mieres develops a language based on geometric rhythmic modulations, subtly carved on dense chromatic surfaces, achieving a result that goes beyond the purely formal to enter the field of the symbolic. He made his debut in 1952 at the Macarrón gallery in Madrid and, although he is not very fond of public appearances, throughout his career he has presented his work in prominent galleries such as Juana Mordó (1981) or Orfila (1998 and, more recently , 2007) of Madrid, besides taking part in the ARCO fair. He has also participated in important collective exhibitions, monographs of contemporary Spanish art, both in our country and in Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Cuba, Denmark or Austria, among others. He has also been awarded by the Royal Academy of San Fernando twice (1949 and 1950), and also in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts of 1970, the Biennales de León (1971) and Zamora (1975) and by the Selgas Foundation Falgade de Asturias in 1991. Currently his work is present in the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, the Spanish Abstract Art in Cuenca, the MACBA in Barcelona, ​​the Fine Arts of Asturias, the Modern Art in Bilbao and Granada, the Jovellanos de Gijón, the Bochum in Germany and the Contemporary Art of Vilafamés.

Measures: 36 x 48,5 cm.

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