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Footstool with Ico Parisi style structure, made with lacquered iron structure in black and legs ending in brass sleeves. Reupholstered in linen fabric with a black and white rectangular print design.

Measurements: W 126 x D 47 x H 47 cm



Habitat Elusive, escultura realizada por Eelco Hilgersom. Esta pieza está hecha con  lentillas polarizadas y consta de dos piezas independientes.
Color: Rojo – rosa

Measurements: Diameter 125 x H 73 cm


Eelco Hilgersom nació en 1979 en Ámsterdam. Desde niño le fascinan la arquitectura y las estructuras que crea la naturaleza arquitectura. Esta fascinación le lleva a crear obras abstractas basadas en estas formas y organismos naturales. En todas Eelco busca contrastes de forma, color o material. “Mi objetivo es emocionar al observador a través de los contrastes y la complejidad de la obra”. Para lograr este objetivo utiliza diferentes técnicas y materiales. Constantemente busca el reto de trabajar con nuevos materiales. Para ello es necesario aprender material de memoria y descubrir las posibilidades del material con el que quiere trabajar. Lo que importa es el resultado final. Cada concepto que quiera desarrollar requiere un enfoque diferente, por eso trabaja con distintos materiales. “Como no me impongo no me impongo pautas ni marcos, puedo dar rienda suelta a mis ideas”.

Pareja de descalzadores modelo 175 GH realizado por Vladimir Kagan.


Realizado en madera maciza de nogal y tapizado en cuero ecológico trenzado, diseño producido por Vladimir Kagan en los años 50.


Medidas: W 52,5 x D 42 x H 40 cm

Set of six chairs model "Africa" designed by Afra & Tobia Scarpa, from the "Artona" series produced by Maxalto. Made in walnut with ebonised inlays, black leather upholstery and brass details. Italy 1970s.

The "Africa" model reflects Afra & Tobia Scarpa's innovative vision, highlighting its ability to combine functionality and aesthetics in an exceptional way. Crafted in walnut, these chairs exhibit natural beauty and durability, accented by ebonized inlays that provide an elegant and sophisticated contrast. The black leather upholstery not only ensures a comfortable seating experience, but also adds a touch of modernity and timeless elegance.

Brass details complement the design, providing a subtle sheen that enhances the exclusivity of each piece. These chairs are an authentic representation of Italian design from the 1970s, a decade marked by experimentation and innovation in the world of furniture.

This "Africa" chair set is not only a tribute to the creativity and artistry of designers Afra & Tobia Scarpa, but also an investment in a design legacy that will endure through time. Perfect for collectors and design lovers looking for unique, high quality pieces.


Measurements: W 56 x D 44 x H 46/79 cm

An inner dialogue with Frida Kahlo (Fairy Tale) Work by Yasumasa Morimura. Executed in 2001. 

C-print on canvas.

Signed and numbered 3/5 with a label attached to the reverse.

Solid wood frame covered in gold leaf (Original frame by the artist).


Medidas:  W 124 x H 94,5 x D 7 cm (con marco)



Aperture – Daughter of art history. Yasumasa Morimura (2003)

Pair of Bauhaus style chairs made in the 70's for Pizzi Arredamenti in Italy. Composed of a structure made of tube and steel plate with the seat and backrest reupholstered by hand in yellow cotton velvet

Measurements: W 54 x D 54 x H 70 cm


Modern sculptural concave French mirror. Wall hanging artwork handmade in pink molded glass and colored lenses. Finished with bronze finial details on the back to hang on the wall. Unique piece. Made in France.

Measurements: Diameter 118 x H 18 cm

Mirror attributed to Gabriel Viardot (1830 - 1906). Hand carved and finished in gold leaf with oriental inspiration and Japanese chinoiserie aesthetics, adapting to European taste and deco trends. France last third of the 19th century.

Gabriel Viardot's creations were very successful: he won a silver medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1878 and several gold medals at the Universal Exhibitions in Antwerp in 1884, and again in Paris in 1889 and 1900.


Measurements: 152 x 103 x 16 cm


Sculptural concave mirror, made of hand-made patinated and molded glass, making each piece unique with bronze anchors. France.

Dimensions: Diameter 98 x H 18 cm

Pair of asymmetrical side tables covered in anthracite ceramic and brass. Handcrafted using the Japanese Raku technique. These side tables are a unique piece, designed exclusively for LA Studio. Made in Italy 2023.


Raku-yaki, also known as Raku pottery, is an ancient utilitarian pottery technique of oriental origin. Although it is believed to have originated in Korea, it was in Japan where it was developed and gained widespread interest.

Starting in the 16th century, Raku attracted tea masters, who were influenced by Zen Buddhist philosophy and found great pleasure in working with this clay. During the tea ceremony, participants used to drink from vessels they had made themselves.

The Raku technique involves firing at a low temperature, around 1,000 degrees Celsius, in a special kiln. The pieces are removed from the kiln when the glazes have melted and then placed in a container filled with organic material.

This creates an atmosphere with little oxygen, known as a reducing atmosphere. This process produces a physical-chemical transformation that results in metallic effects, pearlescent surfaces and surprising changes in the color of the ceramic pieces.


Measurements: W 60 x D 62 x H 53 cm

Suspension lamp model «» Sneeze A »designed by Jacopo Foggini, handcrafted with independent pieces of cast methacrylate and molded by hand. Unique piece.

Available in various colors.

Measurements: Diameter 120 x H 130 cm

Suspension lamp mod Atomic designed by Robert Haussmann and produced by Swiss. Structure made of anodized aluminum and plastic connectors. Italy 1969

Robert Haussmann es un arquitecto y diseñador suizo nacido en 1931. Es conocido por su influencia en el diseño y la arquitectura moderna, particularmente en Suiza. Durante su carrera, Haussmann ha trabajado en una variedad de proyectos que abarcan desde el diseño de muebles hasta la arquitectura urbana y la planificación espacial. Su enfoque se caracteriza por la innovación y la integración de nuevas tecnologías y materiales en el diseño arquitectónico. Ha sido reconocido internacionalmente por su contribución al campo del diseño contemporáneo y su impacto en la estética arquitectónica moderna.

Measurements with bulbs:

Pendant lamp, Stilnovo style. Composed of a radial structure with eight white lacquered arms and sixteen points of light with colored cups. Spain,

Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 160 (h) cm

*Bulbs not included

Suspension lamp model “Poliedri” designed by Carlo Scarpa and edited by Venini. Structure made of lacquered metal composed of unique pieces in Murano glass. Italy 1950s.

Carlos Scarpa's Poliedri lamps, brought to life by Venini, epitomize timeless elegance and artisanal excellence. Crafted from exquisite hand-blown Murano glass, these iconic lighting fixtures captivate with their geometric brilliance and captivating play of light.

Each Poliedri lamp is a testament to Scarpa's visionary design sensibilities, seamlessly blending form and function. The geometric shapes, meticulously crafted, create an enchanting dance of shadows and illumination, transforming any space into a realm of refined beauty.


Measurements: W 60 X D 60 X H 40 cm

Hand-carved oak bar cabinet with two hinged doors. Interior made of glass, with two shelves.

Measurements:  W 112,5 x H 140 x D 40 cm

Pair of cushions made of velvet and cotton fabric. Upholstery in printed cotton mod ‘Lasso’ designed by Vincent Darré for Pierre Frey. Finished with fringes and zip at the back.

Measurements: W 64 x D 18 x H 64 cm



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