Danish bar designed by Poul Heltborg. Made of rosewood with chromed metal footrest. Sliding glass doors and 8 bottle holders.

Measurements: W 110 x D 40 x H 115 cm

Pareja de cojines contemporáneos confeccionados en tela de lino y algodón con print animal, relleno de plumas incluido. Cremallera invisible en la parte trasera.

Medidas: W 43 x D 43

Jarrón escultórico mod. Explorer diseñado por Jaime Hayón. Realizado de forma artesanal en cerámica e inspirado en las naves exploradoras que enviaban al espacio.

Medidas: Diámetro 25 x H 35 cm

Jarrón escultórico mod. Explorer diseñado por Jaime Hayón. Realizado de forma artesanal en cerámica e inspirado en las naves exploradoras que enviaban al espacio.

Medidas: Diámetro 30 x H 40 cm

Pair of cotton velvet cushions with jungle and plain print, feather filling included.

Measurements: W 60 x D 23 x H 40 cm

Wiggle chair designed by Frank Gehry 1972 for Jack Brogan. It is part of the "Easy Edges" furniture series. Its sculptural design is characterised by curved shapes made of corrugated cardboard.

Measurements: W 36 x D 60 x H 46/85 cm


Neon on tainted metracrylate, 2022

Fernando de Ana

If there is an art gene, Fernando de Ana (Talavera de la Reina, 1979) and a graduate in Fine Arts, carries it with him. Since he was born he has been surrounded by oil and pencils, spatulas and turpentine. He belongs to the third generation of a saga of artists that began at the beginning of the 19th century with his great-uncle, José Pérez, painter and first director of the Cádiz Museum of Art, and continued with his father, Juan Carlos Jiménez, also a painter and Doctor. in Fine Arts.

If his ancestors delighted in light and still lifes, Fernando de Ana has also wanted to explore other more contemporary languages, working first as an illustrator - he has received several international awards - and as a cartoonist, to later soak up design and the avant-garde Dutch, a pioneer country in this field, where he combined his artistic work with that of art director for more than a decade. His work has been exhibited in Prague, Bologna, Amsterdam or London, among other cities and has been selected and awarded in different art competitions.

From that transversality of influences and from that symbiosis of classic and avant-garde references, now comes his maturity as an artist. Away from his comfort zone, the artist opts for his own language in which emotions prevail over the metallic. His way of being in the world beats in his work: human relationships marked by sex, loneliness and melancholy, anxiety as a catalyst for art, obsessions spinning in a spiral, repetition of patterns, morbid agitated with tenderness infinite, the frustrated Innocence that still breathes, moving it as a motor. Fernando de Ana's work responds to a mature creative process, built over several decades exploring different formats, where material, meaning and feeling go in the same direction. 'Forbbiden carnal', his elegant series in resin and neon, has already become an exponent by combining without complexes an apparently cold material with geometric limits with the warmth and sensuality of light, in such a way that it has achieved that both elements exchange natures.

The author undresses through this meticulous technique and tells us about his inner world, his contradictions and his fears, all crossed by Eros and Thanatos, pleasure and pain, contradiction as the very genesis of life. Each work of 'Forbbiden Carnal' shows an aspect of sentimental relationships, an instant in the relationship with the other, always complex and necessary: the arrow of first eye contact, one's own vulnerability, seduction as a totem and motor, lies and the decadent, the caress as an antidote to loneliness. Nothing better than resin, color and the symbiosis of geometry with neon to express this entire sensitive universe, which not only seeks to connect with the beauty and the terrible of the viewer, but to seduce him as well.

Medidas: W 150 x D 110 cm


Modern sculptural concave French mirror. Wall hanging artwork handmade in pink molded glass and colored lenses. Finished with bronze finial details on the back to hang on the wall. Unique piece. Made in France.

Measurements: Diameter 118 x H 18 cm