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Italian table designed by Cattelan. Structure made of Carrara marble and glas top.

Measurements: Diameter 120 x H 71 cm


Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan founded Cattelan Italia, an Italian contemporary design furniture company, in 1979. This couple shared a deep passion for art and design, and each brought their own skills and talents to the business.

Giorgio Cattelan stood out for his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. His vision and creative skills played a pivotal role in creating the company's uniquely designed products. On the other hand, Silvia Cattelan was known for her culture and refinement.

The collaboration between Giorgio and Silvia marked the beginning of a great adventure both in the human and professional fields. Together, they managed to establish Cattelan Italia as a leading brand in the world of contemporary furniture design.

The company has been known for offering a wide range of furniture, from tables and chairs to cabinets and accessories, all designed with a focus on modern aesthetics and functionality. Over the years, Cattelan Italia has continued to evolve and expand in the international market, maintaining its commitment to excellence in design and quality.


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