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"Untitled" 2002.

Acrylic on canvas.

Juan Sotomayor (1959). Founding member of the Zotall Group from Zaragoza.
In its evolution, without sharp breaks, it maintains the bands and the vertical threads with branches that flood the space, but now suppressing the spots and the undulating trunks, to establish itself in darker tones that enhance the drastic tone. It is clear that until 1992 the intuitive field took over the rational, to the point that it suppressed all geometric reference. From here on, it maintains bands parallel to the base, more or less wide, with backgrounds tending towards monochrome and a certain spatial hint. Bands and backgrounds altered by the verticality of narrow and trembling lines that generate a framework capable of altering its surroundings. Hondura and beauty.

Measurements: W 200 x H 200 cm

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