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Juan Francisco Casas

Aquafan Series, 2013

Photopolymer on paper. BIC glass biros in blue.

Diptych from the Aquafan series by the artist Juan Francisco Casas.

Diptych measurements: W 104 x D 67 cm


Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz 1976: He has had numerous individual exhibitions highlighting (He) artbroken (Jonathan Levine Gallery), Saturdaynigthbathroom, Bare (ly) there and Foreignaffairs, (A) utopic (Fernando Pradilla Gallery, Madrid, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2014 respectively), After (h) ours (El Museo Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia 2011), MyLovingNation (Ferrán Cano Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, 2007), Sacrebleu! (Galería Sandunga, Granada, 2006), Mis (s) behave (Sala Rivadavia, Diputación Provincial de Cádiz, 2006) and participated in the most important art fairs in the world, as well as in almost all editions of ARCO since 2002 Exhibitions in New York, Miami or Chicago to Seoul, Singapore, London, Paris, Mexico or Basel, among many others, have featured his work and he has received numerous national and international awards and scholarships.


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