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Pair of furniture designed by Ico Parisi from the Positano series for MIM Roma, made of walnut wood. Composed of four metal legs, two hinged doors and a removable tray.

Interior lighting designed by Gino Sarfatti in metal «Model 222» for Arteluce in 1957. Italy from the 60s.

Measurements: W 73 x D 39 x H 89 (h) cm


Ico Parisi, whose full name was Domenico Parisi (1916-1996), was a leading figure in the world of 20th century design and architecture. Throughout more than 50 years of creative career, he played multiple roles and left a profound influence on his field.

Parisi was a multifaceted creator who tackled various artistic disciplines. He was known for his work as an architect and interior designer, as well as for his work as a photographer, filmmaker, glass and jewelry designer, painter, and exhibition curator. He worked both independently and in collaboration with his wife, Luisa Aiani, on architectural projects.

His initial training in building construction in Como, between 1931 and 1935, laid the foundations for his career. However, his key experience occurred when he began working in the office of the influential rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni in Como, a moment that marked a milestone in his professional development.

During World War II, Parisi enlisted in the IX Pontieri Battalion, operating on the Russian front, and documented the conflict with his camera. This experience influenced his artistic perspective and, upon his return to Como in 1943, he resumed his original activity and passion in design.

After the war, Italy experienced a period of cultural ferment, and Parisi joined several avant-garde movements. Additionally, he founded architecture collectives such as Alta Quota and Gruppo Como. These movements and collaborations contributed to his growth and influence on the art and design scene of the mid-20th century.



Ico Parisi. Diseño. Catálogo ragionato 1936-1960. Ediz.


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