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Pareja de mesitas auxiliares asimetricas revestidas en cerámica azul y latón. Realizadas de forma artesanal mediante la técnica japonesa Raku.  Estas mesitas son una pieza única, diseñadas en exclusiva para LA Studio. Fabricadas en Italia 2023


Raku-yaki, also known as Raku pottery, is an ancient utilitarian pottery technique of oriental origin. Although it is believed to have originated in Korea, it was in Japan where it was developed and gained widespread interest.

Starting in the 16th century, Raku attracted tea masters, who were influenced by Zen Buddhist philosophy and found great pleasure in working with this clay. During the tea ceremony, participants used to drink from vessels they had made themselves.

The Raku technique involves cooking at a low temperature, around 1,000 degrees Celsius, in a special oven. The pieces are removed from the kiln when the glazes have melted and then placed in a container filled with organic material.

This creates an atmosphere with little oxygen, known as a reducing atmosphere. This process produces a physical-chemical transformation that results in metallic effects, pearlescent surfaces and surprising changes in the color of the ceramic pieces.


Measurements: W 60 x D 62 x H 53 cm

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