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Memphis style side table made with a three-foot brass base with a gold-plated truncated cone shape and a high-gloss lacquered solid wood top. Germany.

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Measurements: W 48 x D 48 x H 61 cm


The Memphis Style, spearheaded by Ettore Sottsass and founded in 1981, marked a significant break with the sobriety of 20th century design. This movement was characterized by its colorful and bold approach, filled with eye-catching patterns and prints. Memphis's first collection, presented at the Milan Furniture Fair in 1981, challenged the conventions of contemporary design.

Memphis' work philosophy was well summed up in the phrase: “A table may need four legs to function, but no one says that all four have to be equal.” This statement reflects the creative mindset of the movement, which embraced the idea that creativity should not be limited by rigid rules.

The Memphis collection, made up of designers such as Hans Hollein, Arata Isozaki, Andrea Branzi and Nathalie du Pasquier, was notable for its boldness and lack of conformity to established design norms. His creations were eclectic and often challenged traditional aesthetics, using vibrant colors, geometric patterns and unusual shapes.


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