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«Reale» table designed by Carlo Mollino (1905 - 1973) made of solid cherry wood structure and lacquered in black. Edited by Zanotta. Italy 1950s.

Measurements: W 200 x D 200 cm


Carlo Mollino (1905-1973), born in Turin, Italy, was a notable and versatile character whose interests spanned various disciplines throughout his life. The son of an engineer, from a young age he was drawn to a wide range of fields, including architecture, furniture design, aeronautics and racing automobiles.

However, his curiosity was not limited to technical fields. Mollino also dedicated himself to photography, and is known for his series of polaroids of female nudes. Additionally, he participated in activities as diverse as skiing and the occult.

He began his career as an architect in 1930, designing a house in Forte dei Marmi that earned him the G.Pistono prize.

Mollino's work is characterized by sinuous, streamlined lines, as well as his modern approach to artisanal techniques.

His architectural style, influenced by figures such as Alvar Aalto and Erich Mendelsohn, has often been described as neo-baroque or neoliberty, as he avoided rationalism and its connotations, seeking a more organic and artistic expression in his work. His legacy continues to be influential in the world of design and architecture.


Bibliograpía: Poletti, Zanotta, Electa 2004, pag. 103

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