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Sculptural coffee table mod. Dripping designed by Mattia Bonetti. Structure made of polyurethane fiber and methacrylate top. Italy, 2017.

Measurements: W 150 x D 110 x H 46 cm


“Mattia Bonetti's artistic creativity has no limits. He has the skill and imagination to create a variety of artistic worlds. From the most meticulous and exact to the strangest and extravagant, his works are always very diverse. Jacques Granges, interior designer.

Mattia Bonetti, born in 1952, lives in Paris and stands out as an artist and designer. His work has received ratings of being whimsical, surreal and unique.

Bonetti, who was born in Lugano, Switzerland, constantly fusing the boundaries between art and design, initially studied textile design at the Centro Scolastico per l’Industria Artistica. Bonetti moved to Paris in 1972 and initially worked in his chosen field of textile design, but later developed a career as a stylist and photographer.

Working on black and white films, Bonetti filmed miniature interiors that he had made by hand, which in turn led to his love of furniture. Bonetti's work has always begun with a freehand sketch, which is then crafted in materials such as patinated bronze, gilding, acrylic, wood, rock crystal, marble, glass and precious stones.


Mattia Bonetti. Published by Editions Louvre Victoire. 640 pages, 2015

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