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«Guanabara» dining table designed by Jorge Zalszupin and edited by his manufacture L’Atelier. Top made of jacaranda wood and base made of concrete covered with leather. Brazil 1970

Measurements: W 305 x D 120 x H 78 cm


Jorge Zalszupin was born in 1922 in Poland, but his career in design really took off after emigrating to Brazil after World War II. His association with renowned modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer had a significant impact on his style and aesthetic.

During that time, influenced by Niemeyer, Le Corbusier and Lúcio Costa, the Brazilian variant of modernist architecture was developed. The furniture designed in Zalszupin's studio perfectly reflects this period of design history, combining sensuality and formal simplicity. His work contributed notably to the rich tradition of Brazilian design in the context of the modernist movement.

In this Guanabara dining table, Jose Zalszupin uses a simple structure supported by two wooden supports, on which rests a solid marble top. What is notable about his design is the way in which he gives prominence to the materials used.

The grooves on the surface of the table are the only decorative element, and the meeting between marble and wood becomes a focal point that provides tension and contrast to the work. This approach highlights the natural beauty of materials and showcases their ability to create design pieces that celebrate the essence of the elements that compose them.


Literature: Santos, Mario Cecília Loschiavo dos. Jorge Zalszupin. Modern design in Brasil. Sao Paulo: Olhares, 2014, p. 142 – 145 – Móvel. Brasileiro Moderno. Brasil: FGV Projectos, 2012, p. 269.


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