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Model "Shiva" vase made of pink enameled porcelain designed by Ettore Sottsass (1917 - 2007) founder of the Memphis group.

After his stay in Barcelona as a result of a love with a Catalan and his stay in our country, this piece emerged in 1973 edited by BD.

“… I continue to make small, small, small architectures, like this ceramic, for example, a bit like monuments, a bit like tombs, a bit like abandoned temples of the gods, a bit like ruins of the ancient and unknown civilization where something … »


Philippe Thomé, Ettore Sottasaa, Phaison-Electa, 2014, pp. 500.


Ettore Sottsass was a prominent Italian architect and designer of the second half of the 20th century. He worked as a design consultant for Olivetti for more than twenty years, making for the signature “Valentina” typewriter (1969) or the “Elea 9003” calculator, among other classic designs. Throughout his career he collaborated with prominent figures from the world of architecture and design, such as Aldo Cibic, James Irvine and Matteo Thun. In 1981 he founded the Memphis Group, of which he would be one of the leaders, together with Bárbara Radice.

Measurements: Diameter 18 x H 25 cm

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