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Contemporary console model «Horizonte» designed and produced by Studio Superego. Made in seven-centimeter thick plexiglas decorated with quartz, agates, lapis lazuli, amethysts, corals.

Measurements: W 157 x D 50 x H 90 cm


Studio Superego is a creative group made up of people who work together to make art, music and other projects. It is not a person, but a team.

This studio has produced interesting music and videos that often focus on popular culture and media. They have created catchy songs and eye-catching videos that have caught the attention of many people online.

In addition to their work in music and video, Studio Superego has also collaborated with other artists and held live events.

The Superego Studio has cultivated followers and admirers for its creativity and unique style; although its recognition does not extend much beyond certain online circles.

In short, Studio Superego is a creative group that focuses on music and videos, and has gained popularity online for its creative work and collaborations with other artists.

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