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“IKB” coffee table made of plexiglass and its blue pigment content, the transparent glass top and the four straight chrome-plated steel legs.

Rotraut KLEIN-MOQUAY signature on a label under the lid. 

El número de identificación de esta mesa es 97-AI13


Edition started in 1963 under the supervision of Rotraut Klein-Moquay, model registered by Yves Klein in 1961.

International Klein Blue (IKB) was registered on May 19, 1960 at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). The technical research for the development of this intensely blue color was an artistic act in itself. Yves Klein applied it to various supports and produced a prototype of a coffee table, which was both a work of art and a utilitarian piece of furniture.


Yves Klein was a multifaceted and avant-garde artist whose work challenged conventional art labels. His artistic approach encompassed various currents, including neo-Dadaism, pop art and abstract art, but in the end he invented his own current called “Noveau Réalisme”. In the 1960s, this trend sought to somehow merge life and art in a unique way.



Measurements: W 125 x D 100 x H 38 cm



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