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Portmodernist table in arabescato marble designed by Carlo Scarpa for Cattelan in Italy, 1970s.

Medidas:  Diámetro 136 x H73 cm


Alberto Carlo Scarpa was born on June 2 in Venice, the son of Antonio Scarpa, and Emma Novello, his second wife.

His career in architecture began with collaborations in the studio of Vicente Rinaldo, where he managed several projects, including the Church of Travettore Rosa in Vicenza and the Pradipozzo bell tower in Oderzo in 1923, as well as the Church of Santa Maria di Sala in Venice and the Aviano bell tower in Udine in 1924.

In that same year, he obtained the title of competence in architectural design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

In November of that year, Scarpa began working as an assistant to Guido Cirilli at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice, where Cirilli taught architecture. He held this position until 1929. In December, he applied to register as an architect, although he was unsuccessful at that time.

Then, he joined Franco Pizzuto's company, where he worked on several projects in Fontaniva, Padova. These projects included the design of a villa for Juan Campagnolo, the construction of an industrial building with adjacent housing, a courtyard, the renovation of Angel Veil's villa, and the restoration of Aldo Martini's villa in Padua.



Bibliography G. Gramigna, Repertorio del design italiano 1950-2000, Allemandi, 2003.


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