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Lámpara de techo en forma de racimo, italia años 70. Estructura de metal lacada en amarillo con 13 tulipas de opalina.

Measurements: Diameter 50 x H 90 cm


The Treetops Lamp, part of the Memphis Milano collection, is a masterpiece by the renowned designer Ettore Sottsass, created in the year 1981.


This floor lamp is made of painted metal, with a cast iron base that ensures its stability. Its design features an adjustable light point, allowing the user to direct the illumination according to their needs


With a height of 195 cm, the Treetops lamp becomes an imposing piece of lighting and decoration. This lamp represents the distinctive and avant-garde character of the Memphis artistic movement, to which Sottsass contributed significantly.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity and a warranty seal that supports its origin and quality.


Dimensions: W 75 x D  24 x H 195 cm


Philippe Thomé, Ettore Sottasaa, Phaison-Electa, 2014, pp. 500.

Icónica lámpara de pie mod. “Polifemo” diseñada por Angelo Lelli (Italia, 1911-1979) y editado por Arredoluce, Italia, 1956.
Fabricado en metal lacado con base de mármol, latón y metacrilato. Editado por Arredoluce, 1956.Publicado en Arredoluce Catalogue Ragionato 1943-1987, Pansera, Padoan, Palmaghini, Ed. Silvana Editoriale, página 174.

Dimensions: D 32 x H 201 cm



Arredoluce. Catalogue Ragionato 1943-1987 Catalogue Raisonné

Cluster pendant lamp, italy 70s. Blue lacquered metal structure with 13 opaline lampshades.

Measurements: Diameter 50 x H 90 cm


Pair of table lamps made with a cylindrical brass structure and spherical pieces in Murano glass.

Measurements: Diameter 45 x H 88 cm (with screen)

Diameter 25 x H 69 cm (without lampshade)

Mod. Atomic suspension lamp designed by Robert Haussmann and produced by Swiss. Structure made of anodized aluminum and plastic connectors, with 108 light points. Italy 1969.

Measurements with bulbs: W 230 x D 160 x H 75 cm



Trix + Robert Haussmann N° 127

3. edition 
2. edition 2013
1. edition 2012

Suspension lamp model “Poliedri” designed by Carlo Scarpa and edited by Venini. Structure made of lacquered metal composed of unique pieces in Murano glass. Italy 1950s.

Measurements: Diameter 50 x H 30 cm



G. Gramigna, Repertorio del design italiano 1950-2000, Allemandi, 2003.

Price per unit

«Foglio» model wall lights designed by Tobia Scarpa for Flos. Italy 1960s.

Afra (1937-2011) and Tobia (1935-) Scarpa studied at the Venice Institute of Architecture. Tobia first worked for the Italian glass manufacturer Venini. Starting in 1960, the couple opened their own design office which they designed for numerous important Italian and international companies such as Flos, Gavina, B&B Italia, Cassina, Knoll International and many interior projects for numerous companies around the world. His work includes architecture and everyday items such as furniture and clothing.

Measurements: W 38 x D 10 x H 21 cm



Afra e Tobia Scarpa. Architetti 1959-1999. Tobia Scarpa. Architetto 2009-2009

Floor lamp in bamboo and braided rattan in the shape of a palm tree. Italy 80s.

Measurements: W 85 x D 140 x H 272 cm

Pair of italian sconces with a brass structure and crystals of different colors in the shape of a flower. 70's

Measurements: W 22 x D 13 x H 27 cm

Pair of sconces made with brass structure and hand carved murano glass. Italian manufacture.

Measurements: W 14 x D 20 x H 35 cm

Pair of table lamps made with brass structure and pieces in red murano glass. Circular lampshades upholstered with white bouclé fabric.

Measurements: W 23 x D 12 x H 87 cm / Lampshade diameter: 51 cm

Pair of table lamps, made of metal and brass, with glass base and blue Murano glass applications. Lampshade with blue cotton velvet fabric. Italy.

Measurements: W 25 x D 12 x H 70 cm

Measurements with screen: D 45 x H 88 cm

Italian table lamp mod DNA designed by Superego Studio. Made of diferent colored plexiglass pieces assembled like in a 3D mosaic. Structure made of solid brass. Designed by Studio Superego.

Measurements: Diameter 30 x H 60 cm


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